What to do when bored with your Aussie friends?

Australians are known for their friendly, laid back lifestyle. They’re often seen having barbeques (BBQs) with friends and family or enjoying a relaxed dinner in the sun.

They love to drink and sport is very popular with Aussies, especially home-grown football (Rugby League and AFL), cricket and tennis. Joining a sports club is a great way to make local friends.


A good way to get acquainted with your Australian peers is through sport. Aussies are huge fans of football (Rugby League or AFL), cricket, tennis and many other sports. They take their sport seriously and they often meet up at the pub to watch a game or to catch up over a few beers.

Australians have a sense of humor that can seem self-deprecating at first glance, and they like to make fun of themselves and others. This is part of what makes them such fun friends.

Australia is a beautiful country with spectacular natural landscapes. Aussies are passionate about nature and the environment. They enjoy spending time outdoors, relaxing on the beach or having a barbeque with friends. They also love to go shopping, dining out and to cinemas. If you are interested in these activities, check out the student events offered by your education provider.


As with any country, there are a few movies that have become a part of Australia’s national identity. From the heart-warming animation Happy Feet to the action thriller Rabbit-Proof Fence and the Oscar-winning biopic Lantana, these movies show a side of Australia that will stay with you long after you leave.

Australians are notoriously good at self-deprecating humor and a sense of the absurd. You’ll see this reflected in movies such as Muriel’s Wedding, in which Toni Collette plays the socially inept protagonist desperately trying to change her life. With fetid kitchens, failed romances and ferocious landlords, the movie captures the experience of share houses well.


Aussies love to gather with friends and family around food. They are also a proud nation of cooks and enjoy sharing their favorite recipes with others.

Australians are known for their strong guardian instincts and can be stoic in some ways, particularly when it comes to health. Therefore, it is important to be very clear and respectful when communicating with an Australian friend if you are concerned about their physical well-being.

A good way to bond with your Aussie friend is over a barbecue with plenty of meat and an ice cold beer. It is also common for Aussies to bring a plate of something (like a fresh salad) when invited to someone else’s home.


Australians are generally very interested in hearing about your home country and will often compare it to their own. They also tend to have a self-deprecating sense of humor which can be humorous for foreigners.

If you’re a fan of traveling, Aussies will be keen to hear all about your favorite places and will probably want to know where you plan on going next. They love talking about the natural beauty of their homeland, too – the pristine beaches, the iconic red sands of Uluru and the stunning flora and fauna of the Great Barrier Reef.

As a group of people, Australians are very well-traveled. This means they’re also able to share some of their travel tips with you! They’ll likely be able to give you some great recommendations about where to visit, what to see and how much it costs. Especially for international students living abroad, making local friends can help alleviate some of the loneliness that comes with being far from home and family.

Go to the beach

You can never go wrong with a trip to the beach, especially when it’s sunny. Grab a few towels and some sunscreen and lay out for a bit. There are so many things you can do at a Melbourne Beach, like seeing koalas perched on trees or taking a tour of the Mornington Peninsula wineries (or even the two breweries nearby). If you’re not into surfing or swimming, you could always try your hand at frisbee or cricket on the sand. Playing these games is a lot of fun and also helps you get some exercise while having a good time with your friends.

You could also picnic at Hanging Rock, the mysterious site where a group of girls vanished on Valentine’s Day in 1967 and never returned. Just be sure to make sure it’s safe to do so before you head there!