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Event details

Jan 31

We warmly invite you women and men for a beautiful celebration and the opening the center – Dakini Nest.

With the enchantment of the gorgeous Danielle’s Harp and voice, Red Dakini Nymph dance and soft sensual journey we will get you into the deep soft feelings in your belly and body awakening new potential of this year. 
At the end we will ground whole experience in a circle folk dance and nice warm evening... cuddle, talks,food, fire outside... we are creating it together. 
Key words: enchantment, soft feminine , celebration, beauty, ritual, dance, inner journey, magick! 

The time between 31 January-2 of February is called Imbolc ,big celebration in the Celtic seasonal calendar. It marks the beginning of Spring and the stirrings of new life. The original word Imbolg means 'in the belly'. It is the promise of renewal of earth hidden potential and awakening life-force.  We welcome the growth of the returning light and witness Life's appetite for rebirth. 
It’s a festival honoring Goddess Brigid or Leila in Slavic paganism. Her patron star of love Wenus appears on the night sky and remains the brightest object untill the full spring. Her Love gets stronger and stronger with each day and light returns to the Earth. Leila brings back safety and wealth. She usually appears in the form of a beautiful, innocent bride in airy white dress and - very often - with light in her hand. She is a triple goddess:

  •  Joyful,inspiring teenage girl, carrier of the flame, muse of poets   and arts playfully enchanting like a Nymph. She represents the potential of all women for she is the eternal flame that burns in the heart of all. 
  • Unconditionally loving mother protector and carer of a new born life and fertility. 
  • Wise woman, spiritual teacher, medicine woman and more…

She was such a beloved figure all over the world, with her swan, owl, white airy dress and flame some assume she is Aya herself , mother of all, Gaya in her diversity. 
This magical evening is created to honour her sacredness and another portal in the nature cycle. 

Your Guiding Goddesses:
Danielle Uriel :
Celestial Harp musician, Haptotherapysessions with harp and voice, Inner Sound Circles. She was accompanying Ayahuasca journeys which brings us together on this beautiful evening

Red Dakini : 
Tantrika, Shamaness, dance performer, wild being full of love and life devoted to Mother Earth& Father Sky.. have a look at

Price: 20€ paid in advance / 25€ at the door  
Places are limited to 30 max.

Booking and all info via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kiss and bliss
Red Dakini Magdalena