Event details

Feb 14

Lovers of the Moon and Lovers of the Sun, lovers of the striptease and lovers of the light,

Get your naughty ride to stars, high on love,champagne and fun! 
Spice your look, seductive eye, playfull, crazy rock and star....
Take it slow and rise your vibe, tease your heart and bite your wife, shake the temple that you are Viva Diva Spark and Shine !!!
Wet those lips and use your charm, time to tease your sexy butts.

Welcome in a Red Dakini Temple on playfull Valentine evening for singles and couples of any kind. Guided to tease yourself and another, playfully uncovering your true-self in a striptease dance, fliritng with your shame and letting go off the tight corset of control, tie of stifness and boredom... get free in your body dance, melting it all into one spiritual yammie tantric chocolate. 

What to expect?

  • Awakening the inner teaser in you
  • Practicing sensuallity in a female, male circles. 
  • Striptease dance by Red Dakini opening tease dance for everybody
  • Playfull fun and dance to the last breath!

Dress code
Burlesque, sexy, classy, elegant.
For more info, address and price please sign in via e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can confirm your participation max.3 days prior the event. 

Your Gangsta of Love
Red Dakini & Roberto Santi