Healing sessions

Shamanic healing is a great medicine in case of any unsolved story's from the past,burn out, emotional stagnation or mental mess. Sometimes it needs to be repeated to get fully on your way again. For me it means to act from a deep intuitive place. If I guide you It comes from my experience and insights.  At the start I can use a help of Tarot to understand you better,we can talk, meditate, sing, be silent, look into each other eyes, dance, we can make constellations, rituals, inquiring. I also use drum and other instruments, essential oils, herbs and plant spirits to clear out more if needed. Also water, fire, Earth in my garden are cooperting in the whole operation.

 I may clean your energy field, get you deep into your heart and emotions…it may turn into a loving touch…it’s unpredictable meeting where shamaness healing power is awakening the mirror  where you can find your own, unique path or break through the stuckness.

If your space is taken by some unfriendly demonic energy or entity I can help you with that. If the entity is too dangerous for me I can also refuse to heal it.

Recommended in:

  • Burn out
  • Awakening process
  • Life changes
  • Letting go painfull connections with people
  • Healing ancestral issues
  • Releasing desturbing energy's
  • And all that is connected to painfull places in your body

 Words of my clients:

"I had my second session with Magdalena this week. She is tremendous help to me in opening old and tough blockages. The ones that have been disconnecting me from life for a few decades. Always in connection, sensing what is needed in the moment, creating the trust and safety I needed to look into those old pains.
Magdalena has the courage and strength to stand with you if you go through your own hell! "

" I meet with Magda every month since November. In every sense she is a spiritual guide for me. After each visit I feel I made significant progress in my journey with her. To sum up my impressions without becoming to personal I can say that when I first met her I came to her with impersonating stories, and I left every time with experiences that gradually release my real self more and more."

 " Professionale sessie en Magda heeft veel kennis en ervaring. Bij binnenkomst ervaar je gelijk de sfeer van het goede.
Na de sessie voelde ik mij als herboren."

" I thank you so much for welcoming me deeper into myself. You did a lot to me to reinvent myself and show an improved confidence to this world. I cannot stop saying how grateful I'm for you for all that you did to me. Now that everything is finished I'm ready too further dive deeper.
Hope to see you soon Magda! "

  1 h / 85€