Sexual pleasure in action

Be smart, be sex Magician

What is Magic?

Magic is an experience beyond visible 3D reality, created by strong belief, feeling of magic, it is power of your mind and emotion. It is an art and and scientfic knowledge to create a change on a material as well as spiritual levels. It has a core in ancient paganic,shamanic,tantric rituals that alter our consciousness by any kind of trans experiences.

Sex magic is what happens when you put your sexual energy where your intentions are. With power of sexual energy we can heal ourselves or others (even the world! ) on many levels. We can connect with the higher consciousness and use it to experience super bliss,extend one's limits, to meet partner of our dreams or get shiny brand new car.

When you are in a hypnotic state of sexual excitenment, you become specially receptive. Visions and emotional states you hold and words you hear at this time are powerfully templated on your consciousness. Great, huh? By the way, be careful of your language while love making.

Sex brings us back to our own body rythm. It takes us home as it releases endorphins, friendly little happy chemicals in our brain. You can use masturbation as self magic healing practice or you can receive from your partner or tantrica. Finally you can create one big energy field and intention together. Either way, the raising and releasing of sexual energy brings you back to yourself and nurtures your body. Like magic.

 On our guided session we can take 2 general directions. First I may teach you a practical tools to use sex magic to your own purpeses, with your partner and any time you need it. Second choice is to receive full tantra session as a builded up ritual rising your energy and reaching out your intention.