Opening to the Dakini essence

From good girl to unleashed wild woman

" Wild Woman and wild animals are both endangered species.We can see how instinctive nature of woman is supressed. For ages we were cast away of our spiritual, primal behaviours, ancient knowledge and cycles of nature. Woman cut off her primal source,counting only on logic, looses her natural cycles eaten by control,intellect and ego-her own or others. Wild Woman is health of all women. To come back to her means become integrated. It means to stand in your own territory, finding own wild tribe (soul family) feeling proud and confident of your body as it is, speaking out your truth and following it.

It means to have sharp and sensitive consciousness, be alert. It means to drink from your deep intuitive source tuned in biological cycles, finding your own place, growing in dignity, being sexually healed and free. "

Intiating Dakini's went through my life like a thunder. In 3 months of chanelling and going through these amazing rituals again and again I've learnt a lot. The essence of the Dakini her unique beauty, healing,magical, shamanic,sexual power, emotional richness, high sensitivity and wildness in the core of her being.

As a Red Dakini- initiator of Fire, first chakra, I can guide you through your inner jungle of unknown . If you feel my call in your heart, longing to meet her in you please contact me and stop worrying...step in!

We will go on the journey, living together for few days, healing on tantric-shamanic sessions,stepping into variety of feminine aspects. Through organic exchange of our qualities we will have unforgettable time of wild woman in action.

Our journey through the jungle:

*Sexuality will be honored as spiritual, sacred, divine, and primal. By rituals(reclaiming Moon Blood), tantric session, self touch, orgasmic yoga, sensual belly dance and sexy dance, divine masturbation. Looking into your sexual blockages like shame, guilt, suppresion, abuse. Consciously embracing and releasing.

*Heart operation - mistery of love, embracing inner little girl and scary darkness. Tears medicine, calling inner beloved and voicing your longing. Self loving practice. Dissolving in love.

* Diamond Mind meditation: powerful tool to purify your subconscious and all that trash.Releasing old vows and promises.

* Ecstatic food, awakening the senses ceremony and conscious eating.

* Joy of sisterhood, beyond fear of touch, competition and jealousy. Empowering by sharing your womanhood.

* Potential of the womb, emptyness and fulness. Through the cosmic darkness meditation.

*Connecting to Mother Earth, shamanic activation in the nature.

*Awakening to the Wildness, emotional detox.

*Chakra party. Recognizing, activating, spinning, sounding, affirmating. Orgasmic energy circulation.

*Tantric massage and shamanic healing/ opening to your inner healing power.

 Don't worry, all programme is open as an example, all will be adjusted to you personally and your already life experience. It's not a supermarket,you don't have to eat it all. And the most important, higher guidance is the key holder, not our ego's and needs.

Treatment of :

Treatment of :

1 session 1.5 h/ 150€

3 sessions/ 390€

5 sessions - 600

 I ask you to pay full amount of the traject on the first session and use it within a year.              



"It's been so inspiring to connect with Magdalena. She is one of those brave people that puts in action in her live what she believes and works for. Grounded on a deep knowing of the potentials we as humans can reach, she is constantly supporting me by the reminding of my own abilities, which brings me home to myself and to a further understanding of what sisterhood and female power means. Through her wild guidance during a couple weeks in her lovely space in the Netherlands, I could unleash latent levels of conscience and self-acceptance, which I'm very grateful for. I understood what a marvellous work of love we, as embodied Dakinis, are doing on this planet in order to contribute to the integration of sacred sexuality back to the core of the human experience - and of course, with all the fun and juiciness that this gorgeous woman knows how to bring forth. In Love, dear Sister!

Ju Lilac BR/SE

Healing the planet, one womb at a time".