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Me & Tantra

When I was 27 I have met my first spiritual tantra teacher, student of Osho, Sasha from Ukraine. He inspired and guided me for 3 years. He was my masseur and opener of my eyes into alternative medicine like collecting and using herbs, Chinese medicine, 5 elements cooking,Tantra, Sufism, Buddhism and more.

I read few of Osho’s & Sexual Tao books and I was practicing tantra myself. There was no tantra available these days in Poland. Later on I felt a deep call to find out a Buddhist group where I could expand my meditative experiences, so I did choose Diamond Way center of Lama Ole Nydahl. It’s deeply tantric lineage with unbroken transmission for centuries. It was ideal place for me, full of laughter, mixed with modern view on life and a lot of human warmth and exchange. I became devoted practitioner, however also open-minded, never following people or teacher’s demandings like a sheep. In 13 years I grew to the point of becoming free form any guru or group. I found out my inner teacher, for the first time in my life, really saying YES to myself, to my all powers & weaknesses.

So I was opening new chapter, trusting only my own intuition and open space unfolding new miracles. With a help of Shamanesses and tantra teachers like Iwona, Monika Michaelova,Tara Long and my ex-partner Rolf Roodsant I dived deeply into myself in completely new way. I felt a whole new world opening and belonging more to the Universe and Gaia than to the country or group. I was discovering my life gifts, step by step, going through very deep transformation, letting go old pain and welcoming unknown levels of Love.

I made a course of Thai massage, traditional Chiag Mai School and started an intense practice. It was one of my gifts. I found my healing powers. In 3 months my touch became so loving that my clients were asking for a tantra sessions.
I went through my first tantric experiences and it was like finally coming home. I felt it in every cell of my body. I was transforming fast,unfolding new healing ways, sexuality and kundalini energy.
I went into few workshops and festivals: Yoni & lingam massage, Surrogate Partner Therapy by David Brown, Black Eros with John Hawken , The Shamanism and Tantra by Monika Michael, Tantric and Orgasmic Bliss Birthing by Silja Rehfeldt, Pelvic- Heart Integration by Deborah Aanapol, Rivers of Love - erotic body work with David Bruce Leonard, Tantric Body de-armourning with Andrew Barnes.
Since January 2013 I was receiving my first deep messages from mother Gaia and other dimensions. I was called to bring my Tribe. I was using healing plants to expand in my conscious rebirth. I used Kambo, Ayauasca with Aldona and Jarek Mironscy , and Iboga. It brought me extremely fast growth and initiation to the Red Dakini body and finding out my spiritual path.My work is expanding so am I on my way into the heart of Love.

My Tantric partner and our Center

Roberto has been practising Tai Chi since 2006 and is active as a Tai Chi teacher from 2010. His interest in Martial arts started from the early age of 6 when he began with judo and taekwondo and later Wing Chung. Whereas these more active sports encouraged him to continue developing his skills, in Tai chi he found a balance between movement and control.
In his lessons he focusses on developing concentration and self-control. For creating awareness of the Chi (energy) flow he uses breathing techniques are the foundation of the dynamic balance in the entire energy system of the body which can be used to regulate energy flow within the body. In working on breathing and in making contact Robert helps people to work on releasing blocked energy. Outside the dojo Robert works as a team manager for people with disabilities. During his job he works from the same perspective in finding a balance between yin and yang in everyday life.

Our connection came as a spiritual,tantric experience out of any known love story's. We were guided by higher energy to come together as a couple. Being together felt overhelming,so pure as it's not from this known world. We went through a lot of intense multidimensional experiences to find out that our love is unconditional and anything that's is fear will have to go from our energy field. We are going through many phases in this connection, learning to love in a new way. In 2016 we habve created our first center Familia Sagrada, hosting events and building the ground for our dream- living community,modern tribe.