Tantra sessions

First you let go as deeply as never before,
than you open as vastly as you can't remember
so the full river of life and passion can rush through your veins
and your are forgotten and present for the first time

I can see so much beauty in you if you only allow me and let go. That's my basic approach. I treat your body as a temple and you can feel it. We connect deeply and intimately in a tantric session with respect to our feelings and boundaries. Every meeting is a unique exchange of energies, with a pleasure of touch and sharing of blissful state.

It is not just a massage, it is pure energy flowing through you & me like a waterfall, cleaning up the blockages and opening up the space for new experience... by opening to your wholeness, the darkness and the light in you, I’m giving you a moment of total surrender to who you really are, without judgement or expectations. It is a loving guidance through the spectrum of your inner sacred garden. Let me hold you.

How does it work?

My sessions are unpredictable in outcome, all is possible. It means performing from a deeply intuitive guidance of my Dakini power. Shamanic power present on the sessions gives me additional tools to get you beyond mind control to the trans states and places of old traumas.If you want to understand more on Shamanism please go to this section on my website. One session may be more tantric, another more shamanic or some are flowing in between them both. It's magic.

Good grounding body touch ( thai massage), chilling out softness of the feather and fingertips, loving intimate embrace of the mother, wild woman challenging your locked down secure ego limits, sexy lover setting up your erotic self on fire and ultimately shamaness removing heavy blockages with her energy,drum, sage, bells,intuitive singing and spirits. That’s all you can experience with me. 

Practical:  I'm asking for booking at least 1 day in advance. Booking money of 35 is necessary to have your appointment. In case of cancelling the session your money is not refundable.

I embrace your whole body but NO SEX,NO HAPPY ENDING !

My sessions may help you to overcome some serious issues like:
Burn out,childhood traumas,physical and emotional abuse, depression, loneliness and separation,premature ejaculation, sexual frustration, impotency, erectile dysfunction, as well as emotional issues, relationship issues, work stress and frigidity. Sometimes our energy and body is taken by some heavy entities or black magic. I can help you as I did many times times however in case of nasty possesion I've to take care of myself and say no to heal such thing.


Basic session usually contains:

  • Welcoming intake
  • Meditation
  • Whole body massage (also body to body)
  • Energy healing
  • Emotional release
  • Deep relaxation
  • Sexual arousal
  • Kundalini guidance
  • Little dearmouring
  • Intimate area massage (not necessarily for women)
  • Afterglow and chill out

The possible gift you get home:

  • Exploring the tantric breath
  • Re-Claiming your body
  • Loving yourself
  • Connecting to you own Intimacy
  • Moving beyond the mind
  • Voicing your pleasure
  • Building energy, expanding pleasure
  • Ejaculatory improvement
  • Moving through guilt, shame & fear
  • The art of slow sex
  • Manifesting your desires through sexual intention

You May Feel Any of the Following:

  • Deeply connected & expansive states of being
  • New insights to most areas of your life
  • A Sense of "Peeling off the Layers"
  • Profound "Aha" moments
  • Intense emotions & emotional release
  • Memories of past lifes
  • Re-claimation of personal power
  • Heart opening
  • Full Body orgasmic states of being
  • Tingling, shaking or spasming vibrations
  • A Sense of Integration to yourself & all that is
  • Limitless bliss, deep inner peace & relaxation