Ejaculation mastery for man

 From obsession to passion

Running from one princess to another or jerking yourself off with porn is an only a short-term solution. On another hand lack of erection, low energy, or no interest in sex are the signs to consider and get it serious. Your sexuality is the most powerful energy on earth and when turned inside out, holds the key to your liberation. If you only wish you may become a Master of your personal Sword, your dick and furthermore - Yourself. Your woman will never forget the day you choose to step into conscious sexuality adventure.

To control your ejaculation goes far beyond managing your noble penis. It means to reclaim your full humanity and repressed aspects of yourself. It is possible to be completely relaxe about sex. When sexual desire is purged of desperation, urgency, loneliness, fear and rush then sex can be inspired by joy and sexual relationships can be healthy and whole. When sex is a choice, with no must to get to it, you are at home.

Sex can be an exquisite celebration of intimacy and expression of love, a place for healing, a time to play with all the vigor and enthusiasm we had as children. Sex can be a place to express the passion cultivated by living a vibrant life and to delight in the ecstasy, divine ecstasy we all deserve.

Conscious Warrior path

* unlocking, flexing the body. Energizing, shaking control out, loving touch. Grounding in feet, legs, pelvis. Unfreezing the pelvic area. Movement beyond control.

* re-claiming your breath ( beyond limits of casual breath, conscious breathing, slowing down breath, female, male, fire and expanding breath)

* making friends with your Sword. Naming, honoring, loving, consciously masturbating.

* erotic fitness-mastering PC muscles, enlivening and circulating sexual energy, clench and hold exercise.

* separating orgasm from ejaculation

* whole body orgasm

* 10 ways to delay ejaculation

* sounding your pleasure, sounding your heart.

* emotional detox, unlocking, expressing, embracing emotional self.

* being present beyond mind fuck, instinctive power of the inner animal.

* receiving, surrendering.

* slowing down...also in your sexuality.

* deepening intimacy - eye gazing, embracing inner self.

* from sexuality to spirituality.

I you are attracted to my program I welcome you with a big smile on trajectory sessions from 3 for advanced warriors till 10 for beginners. Each person is treated as a unique being, we will find out what is needed for you after the intake meeting.

Between the sessions, your own practice is necessary to implant new habits and really step forward on your path. I promise you that it's more fun than a workout, as you are opening to your own power.

Prices are adjusted to the number of appointments.

Treatment of :

1 session 1.5h/ 150€

3 sessions/ 390€

5 sessions - 600

 I ask you to pay full amount of the traject on the first session and use it within a year.