Dakini power

Being the Dakini is a pretty challenging role. Sometimes it is hard for me to accept what she brings as she is highly feminine,sensitive and wild. To manage it in our driven by control and greed society’s becomes edgy at times. It takes a lot of courage every day to accept myself as I am and share it with people more and more openly. Dakini is an awakend me, my fullness without shame, blame and rejection of anything that I am. Red Dakini is a fire,sexuality and first chakra, it's distruction and blessing, creatress & destroyer,passionate shaman, joyfull artist and drama Queen if nedeed. It's my love and my curse.

Awakening my truth and love helpes me to finally accept and be who I am on this amazing Earthly Paradise. That's why people often love me or feel disturbed just by my energy in the room . They get immediately enchanted or pushed away by intensity of fire. But that's their story, im not carrying their luggage on my shoulders anymore,and do my best to stay in my own center. Dakini is basically unknown on the west as she represents dark feminine-the asseritve, angry,powerful,sexual feminine that's been swept under the rug in Western culture for a few millennia. She dosen't get much press. Her mission on Earth is to transform and provoke her followers into full integration of their daily life's with a blissful, limitless state of being( mulitdimensional).
In the recording you will find my personal explanation on dakini essence experienced in the last 3 years.

Personal view on Dakini essence and truth. Out of buddhist story's, pure life experience. Help for women searching for their true self.

Briethly and poetically:

“I am the dakini of light the color of crimson roses and flowing blood
A Dancing Dakini I transmute the life energies into their spiritual origin
By changing weak currents into strong ones, dribbling energy into pounding waves
Opening blocks and barriers so that pain and pleasure may be experienced in their full strength
I am the guide and introducer of men to the spiritual path
I strengthen and purify them that they may encounter the divine light
I prepare them for the Great Awakening”