Wild Nymph


Nymph was a gift from mama Ayahuasca. She was dancing through me uploading this highly graceful,soft feminine energy and half year later I was ready to put it into an action as a spontaneous act with Anna Faber on Tantra festival 2017. Since than I'm on constant exploration into the Nymphs world,moves and magic.

Yang teenage girl, dancing on the fields with other girls. I was easy and free, sensual in a light way, innocent and playfull. She gives me strong inspiration in a subtle way...isn't it amazing ! Exploring you dear Nymph, my inner teenage girl, free from any resrictions makes me so light!

She looks at me, her hair she brushes,
Blows airy kisses, gestures wild,
Plays with the waves - caresses, splashes -
Now laughs, now whimpers like a child,
Moans tenderly, calls louder, louder...
'Come, come! To me, to me!..'
Then - disappears in limpid water,
And all is silent instantly...

This Nymph, polish Rusalka brings me back to my slavic roots and my polish sisters, so needed to be fully happy me. I was opening to her through a year connecting and creating paganic events, exploring the rituals, texts, making my first flower wreath. She gets me back to the circle of dancing women of all traditions and times worldwide. Celtic,Druid, Polish Slavic and more, her roots are deep in the earth. Old ritual dances made in a mystery of the forests, temples or a stone circles awakening highly feminine magic.

Nowadays I'm preparing more performances and also a magical circle dance for my sisters to create powerful field of femine beauty together. In a right time it will everything in our lives.