The Belly Dance is a rich and colorful performance that gives an edge and oriental spice to every party. It’s recommended for company’s banquettes, weddings, festivals, conferences, seminars or for merchandising a product. It is also great fun for hen nights (ladies only parties). Then I can create a “feel good atmosphere” by providing a short lesson followed by partying to strong oriental and Arabic music. The range of my activities covers solo performances on a stage as well as intimate „eye to eye” with the spectator. I create a unique atmosphere by using colorful veils, Isis wings, sticks or I am dancing on the floor. Whenever possible i am trying to involve the guests into the dance. I’m also available in a duo with a tabla drummer. The music is a mix of contemporary and traditional Arabic songs.

Example of a 20 min show

After the guests have sat down I start a slow dance with the use of a veil. After a short break I start to dance in between the tables slowly warming up the atmosphere with a drum solo using only a drum beat as a soundtrack. The performance’s final is a spontaneous one encouraging guests to dance and enjoy themselves.


A room to change with a mirror where I can store my equipment. Good quality sound system. The lighting of the venue is very important. I suggest dimmed light with one strong beam at the centre of the stage and candle lights as possible (for ex.: on the tables).

Pricing and reservations

The price is depending on the place of the venue, distance from Delft, number of guests, the nature and length of the show. Reservations are required minimum 1 week ahead.