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Burlesque Striptease

The act of Burlesque Striptease is an erotic,seductive and playful art and it is definately a lot of fun on both sides, the audience and a performer. We forgot the art of flirt, so enriching our passion beyond daily routine.

To perform it you have to really feel good with your body and yourself in general. Imagine you are stripping at the front of the public in a slow, flirty manner, peeling of layer by layer to your mostly naked would you feel?

It takes confidence and flirt, dancing skills and charisma, not to forget costume to create an  unforgettable experience. It is sex on legs, that knows how to play and enjoy it on the way.

" Stay classy, sassy and a little bit assy" and also sweet in between, that would be my recipe for a good burlesque dance.

Stripping can be a form of sexual play between partners. This can be done as an impromptu event or – perhaps for a special occasion – with elaborate planning involving fantasy wear, music, special lighting, practiced dance moves, or unrehearsed dance moves.

As a solo dancer I dance on my tantric session called Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to ivoke erotic energy in my client, to open him with my beauty and confidance. We dance together strip and flirt. That is a very intense start for an extra deep opening on tantra session.

Performing for a group and event its another story. That is celebration of being alive, my dance is making love to you and the the stage is our church. If you feel like getting in touch with me for a private lesson or event you'll find practical info in Performance link.

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