About me

Dance is the love of my life. I think I was born dancing. Fire and passion are interwined together and dance is their baby. Without it I could not exsist. I was dancing since a very small child and drawing everywhere on anything and later I was studying both arts.

When I stepped into learning a particular dance form I was passionately expressing my body in something we call now ecstatic dance, feeling the sacredness, meditation and ritual in it. 

The first thing that inspired me to take the initiative was flamenco. I was taking lessons from  Polish dancers Justyny Jarek and Katarzyny Radułowicz in Wroclaw and later at numerous workshops of Spanish flamenco stars visiting Poland. Meanwhile I started to appear at private parties and in groups as well as in other acts. After 10 years of intensive practice I got bored feeling the rigidness and lack of the feminine sensuality in this form. I let go the group looking for new uknown inspiration.

First I found international folk dances and I loved it I still do. They recall our ancestral roots and paganic beliefs like gathering together and dancing around the fire. There is an incredible joy and connection bringing people as a community through these dances. Nowadays I'm a part of Balfolk regular group in Rotterdam.

I was always drawn to the oriental culture - hence belly dance became my new discovery. When I saw my first teacher I just cried and cried from the overhelming beauty. I was practicing Belly Dance for 13 years and I still do. Overcoming and trasforming my feminie power from a shy girl to a confident woman is a blessing of this dance form. I the beggining my teachers included Elwira Janiztki and Gabriela Zajac, after moving to London I was practicing with Amoura and Morgana from Spain, Michaella, Tara and Beverly from London. I had appearances in several locations and at private venues.After moving to the Midlands in the UK, I was working with the DeVere Hotel performing at business and commemorative occasions. I was also running workshops at the Ramada Hotel.

After return to my homeland I was running "Red Dakini " Belly Dance School in Wroclaw, Poland in cooperation with the School of Conscious Birth and Maternity called Woman and Nature https://kobietainatura.pl/  It was a beautiful journey opening me and my feminine students to the power & beauty of a woman. Teaching woman of any age on the same class prooved that we really are all sisters and despite age we can enjoy our company and support each other. I was holding classes for pregnant couples, guiding even Man through the belly dance ..with lots of fun and laughter of course..  I  was also performing on regular basis at the restaurants Syriana and Spice India and at many different kinds of events.

Than in 2010 I came to live and work in Amsterdam. I performed at a variety of venues, workshops and projects. I got a regular Oriental Delight party at De Griekse Taverna. I was cooperating with a Greek musicians and and tabla drummer.

Currently Im starting Ecstatic Belly Dance regular classes in my center Dakini Nest in Rotterdam.