With a loving support of Femke Zwart & Peter Skip Raadsen we are going to sing mantras, dance and enjoy our connections.
More info on: www.connectingsounds.nl www.facebook.com/ConnectingSounds 

Earthly info:

Friday 19.00 till 01:00 - Mantra singing and dancing party €15
Saturday/Sunday - Karma cleaning weekend

We invite you to join our first “Cleaning your Karma with pleasure” weekend. If you feel like supporting us on saturday and sunday with cleaning & gardening with a lots of fun and human exchange, you dont have to pay €15.
We provide drinks and dinners on working days, additional meals we treat as a potluck( sharing your own food).

At this moment any help in form of paints like wall paint, acryl, oil ect. is very welcome. Incense, candles and other spiri stuff...;)

Please give us some real yes on thursday, ok?

Love & Fun