Despite age and body weight in invite you to my new belly dance course in my own home in Maasdijk. After 2 years break I'm ready to guide you again through your feminine body.
My approach to belly dance is very therapeutic and healing because in my personal life the bond with nature and shamanism is very important. It is said that a belly dancer is a connection between the earth and the universe, between root chakra and the crown chakra. This is why the belly dance is universal and beyond cultures. By releasing our potential and sexuality we overcome fears, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Belly dance suits women of all ages and kinds. No previous dancing experience is necessary. The group can be very diverse. Belly dance brings out the sensual, natural, mysterious and charming qualities in us. The movements carry deep spiritual meanings and healing properties. Women who celebrate this art develop self assurance, break stereotypes and boost their confidence. In the circle joyfully celebrating feminine essence you get support and boost sisterhood, forgotten through centuries loving female connection.

Dress code: Tight top, leggings, wide scarf or an airy skirt for the hips. Oriental jewelry and make-up welcome as well.


Start: Tuesday 07.02 /19.00-20.30 hour
Price: 15€ /per lesson or 25€ for a monthly ticket ( 2xmonth)

We meet every second Tuesday for english speaking Sisters.
Groupos are cosy up to 8 persons.

Signing in is necessary for participation. Please call me at least 3 days in advance.
Phone 0626 727 077 Magdalena

Lets shake it Babe!