About me

The first thing that inspired me to take the initiative to learn the belly dance was flamenco. I was taking lessons from the Polish dancers Justyny Jarek and Katarzyny Radułowicz in Wroclaw and later at numerous workshops of Spanish flamenco stars visiting Poland. Meanwhile I started to appear at private parties and in groups as well as in other acts. After 10 years of intensive practice I started to look for a new passion and inspiration.

I was always drawn to the oriental culture - hence belly dance became my new discovery. I started practicing it about 13 years ago. I the beggining my teachers included Elwira Janiztki and Gabriela Zajac, after moving to London I was practicing with Amoura and Morgana from Spain, Michaella, Tara and Beverly from London. I had appearances in several locations and at private venues.

After moving to the Midlands in the UK, I was working with the DeVere Hotel where I was performing at business and commemorative occasions. I was also running workshops at the Ramada Hotel.

After return to my homeland I was running "Red Dakini " Belly Dance School in Wroclaw, Poland in cooperation with the School of Conscious Birth and Maternity called Woman and Nature https://kobietainatura.pl/  It was a beautiful journey opening me and my feminine students to the power & beauty of a woman. Teaching woman of any age on the same class prooved that we really are all sisters and despite age we can enjoy our company and support each other. I was holding classes for pregnant couples, guiding even Man through the belly dance ..with lots of fun and laughter of course..  I  was also performing on regular basis at the restaurants Syriana and Spice India and at many different kinds of events.

Than I came to live and work in Amsterdam. I performed at a variety of venues, workshops and projects. I got a regular Oriental Delight party at De Griekse Taverna. I was cooperating with a Greek musicians and and tabla drummer.

Currently I do not run any classes.