Being sexy and spiritual is OK
It's about marrying the two


 It's my invitation to you to become unapologetically yourself. To the discovery of the inner marriage where female & male, inner & outer, darkness & light, powerful & vulnerable, pain & pleasure, money & passion, body & spirit, as above so below, meets and makes love within you.


Empower yourself by everything!

Welcome in my Body Temple
where our thoughts and emotions are prayers
celebrated on the altar of divine sexuality

Woman and Man let's celebrate life to become embodied human beings, deeply rooted on earth reaching out the skies. Juicy and real, filled up with aliveness from its own very essence...even if life sucks. No, it is not about being perfect, holy or positive 24/7, it's about finding your true self. That's perfect.

I'm here to get you on high with life, so intense that you drop all your veils, mind control and self-defense to only feel more and finally be free. I want to show you my mirror, beauty, and power of a Sacred Life, my life. To re-remember lost paradise in your own body on this amazingly magical and messy planet Earth.
My work is my passion, mission, and service to humanity. I love to get you on the vigorous path with life to restore the balance between Feminine and Masculine and guide how to really make sweet, sweet love in all her forms.


Oh my God, Wow, expect the unexpected, how close can human beings get? How much energy can flow?......

These are just some remarks and questions that come to my mind after a session "Awakening the Senses" with Magdalena. She will let you forget everything and experience the moment with all of your body. Every fiber comes alive which, for me, is a completely unexpected, astonishing but very beautiful experience. You cannot imagine the energies that can flow through your body. Magdalena is a beautiful woman in so many ways and she is able to use her qualities to give you a life changing experience. This, of course, starts with yourself. You have to open up. I can tell you that this is for me not something natural and easy, but Magdalena takes you by the hand and leads you through the journey. Just go with it and you will feel reborn.

Many thanks Magdalena, You have opened a whole new dimension for me and I cannot wait to see you again. Many kisses".

How do I work?

My Holy Trinity


Re-claim your Body! From suppressed sexuality into “ I love myself fully, holy and completely” you will get new tools to feel every cell vibrating with the intensity you never dreamed about. Your body will become your best friend and a lover taking care of you and warning whenever you lose yourself. By restoring the purity of sexuality and love you will gain the core human power, your inner fire of creativity, vitality, and intimacy. Lasting state of empowerment whatever and forever.

Want to go even deeper?

To the depth of experience, the highest and the lowest possible? Fully grounding spiritual realms in your body and daily life? I invite you to connect tantric passion with shamanic journey and travel “beyond “ with me into the dimensions of your ancestors, tribal times, animal powers and ancient memories written exactly in your blood and DNA.

We need to feel home in our body rooted in the past and so in the future, our coming creation!
We need to establish connections with old tribes and heal our past. Our potential sleeps there in long-forgotten lives. Forgive and respect your grandmothers and grandfathers to blossom here on Earth.

From here you have only one step to meet your Cosmic Parents.

We are made of their love, our body is her body, our breath his breath. Nature is sensual, sexual, and very mysteries. Disconnected from the source of creation how can we understand the sense of our lives? Our feet dream to walk on yammie wet grasses, skin longs to touch and smell her fragrances, we are thirsty of her aliveness, purity, and playfulness of her elements. We miss our Goddess, Mother Earth.

My highest shamanic pleasure is to walk you deeper on your journey into the super self discovery, interconnectedness of all that is here on Earth and high in the stars.

To the endlessness of the Universe and love of Mother Earth, big Goddess and God within you. Are you ready?

Dance with me. Let’s do it subtle, free, sensual, expressive, folky, flirty, passionate & wild. There is no better prayer than the body in dance and trance.

For a woman awakening her deep sensuality and wildness. For a man freeing up his mind control, warrior powers, and feminine energy. I would not survive my life without it, it is my best friend and therapy.
Dance is our inner fire, free natural drug and freedom of unbounded expression. For lovers an intimate prelude for lovemaking.

Tribes know it all. They come together to celebrate life dancing and singing but not only that. The power of a ritual circle dance or sacred dance manifests our wishes like abundance, rain, or whatever we ask for. Together in trance, we are really powerful! it’s pure magic as we evoke the primal forces and release civilized oppression.
And finally, dance is a shamanic way to let go of our bullshit, stuck emotions, tight muscles, overthinking..shake it out. Let go of your body in trance. Expand your wings!

While working with me you will:

  • Marry spirituality and sexuality
  • Expand in Love in your thoughts, feelings, body, in life.
  • Connect to your own Intimacy, deepen a connection with your partner.
  • Find your existential sense of being, life purpose.
  • Move beyond the mind control out of your head prison.Express yourself freely
  • Express yourself freely
  • Speak up your truth
  • Master the art of giving and receiving
  • Learn your inner animal power, build up the protection and claim your boundaries
  • Let go old pain and trauma that doesnt serve you anymore.
  • Find inner guru
  • Learn to surrender

Sexual gifts you get home

  • Heal you root chakra
  • Awaken and learn your kundalini power
  • The art of slow and energetic sex
  • Embracing erotic innocence beyond shame, guilt, and suppression
  • 1001 touches. Awakening higher pleasure by a tease mastery.
  • Learning how to build up waves of energy & expand the intensity
  • Voicing your pleasure
  • Separating ejaculation from orgasm ( for men) and sex from penetration
  • Awakening magical states through sexuality
  • Manifesting desires through sexual intention
  • No goal love making
  • Welcoming Goddess & God within yourself and your partner.

Goddess power is something we are all missing...

My temple Dakini Nest represents a female nest of life, our womb, vagina, and the loving heart as one. Ancient memory’s of worshipping the Goddess and all that is feminine. From her fertile ground real erotic mystery and the beauty of life rises. We are forever safe in the arms of a Goddess owning the pleasure that opens us to a passionate life and bridges higher dimensions through the body on earth.